TV ain't what it used to be
Broadcast TV has changed for the worse and isn't getting any better — we offer something different. Network Awesome is a new kind of online TV experience. We believe that finding quality videos should not be dictated by algorithms or demographics, but by personal recommendations from our international team of curators. We mine YouTube to present daily collections of videos that are funny, interesting, overlooked, or just plain cool.
TV for fun people
Network Awesome is a real TV network located online. It's free, it's not full of junk and it broadcasts new shows each day. We also produce original content focusing on music, fitness, the internet, and culture — but that's coming soon. Our archive is a stand-alone repository of media and is available globally. Root around in there! You'll be amazed at what you find.
We are curators, not collectors
Everyone talks about "curating" but few sites do it successfully. Our network of curators is constantly scouring YouTube for the most interesting and entertaining content. We curate everything from the clips that make up a show, to the shows themselves, to the days of the week. Some of our curated topics can't be contained by just one day, that's why we have week-long special events like our Women of Punk Week, The Salute To Drugs, and The Films of Jean-Luc Godard.
A global network to make your day better
Our huge collection of curators, writers, and interesting people put the N in Network Awesome. Our curators have a deep understanding of media from all eras and are constantly searching for ways to build interesting collections of videos. They literally range from museum curators to garbage men, and will leave no VHS tape unplayed in an effort to find every bit of awesomeness.
Network Awesome
Illustration: James Clapham
Network Awesome
Founded by a laptop-rocker and a neuroscientist
Network Awesome was conceived and designed by Jason Forrest (the Laptop-Rocker) and was made real with the aid of Greg Sadetsky (the Neuroscientist.) Network Awesome launched on January 1, 2011 and since then has become the largest curated video site in the world.
Inspired by the legendary Z Channel Magazine, we launched Network Awesome Magazine in March 2011 edited by Ben Gray. Since then we've published more than 300 long-form articles, reviews, and heck, even poems about our content. We think of it as kind of a cultural studies journal — that is, we put a high priority on historical context as an interpretive tool. Especially when it comes to old, foreign and/or obscure media, we believe in research as a way of coming to understand it. For example, the film Fantastic Planet is wonderful, but it's much much richer if you know that it's a response to the Russian suppression of Czech reforms in the late 60s.
We also have an amazing Tumblr run by Isaac Hicks and Monty Cantsin which customizes each of our shows into animated gifs. It's incredible. If you're on Tumblr you've probably already seen our work and you should just go ahead and follow us now. We swear you'll be entertained.
Illustration: Jordan Speer
Q:I wanna get curate video too!
A:COOL! We want you to get involved too! In fact, Network Awesome is probably the most inviting site you ever laid eyes on. For now, best thing to do is to email us and pitch a few shows (3-10). Keep in mind all videos should be on YouTube and all videos need to be embeddable.
Q:How do I find out more about the schedule? A:So easy - sign up for our Newsletter! It's at the bottom of each page of our site. It comes out ever other week (or close to that) and is legit funny. What's stopping you from trying it out?
We'd highly suggest following our Facebook page as well. Each day we spotlight a few of our daily shows with a bit more information and this is normally the place where peo- ple chime in.
Q:A video that I want to watch is listed in the archive but I can't see it.
A:Bummer! That probably means the video went down from YouTube. We're improving how we handle "down" videos all the time, but some still fall through the cracks.
Q:And what about that Archive, why do videos disappear?
A:The archive itself is a living thing. Videos go up and down from YouTube and that's fine with us. We only want to show videos that people want to share. If something goes down from YouTube - for any reason - it goes down from Network Awesome. We only embed videos that everyone can watch in the US, UK, Germany, and France.
Q:I made a music video and I want to get it on Network Awesome.
A:Killer! Email us and we will try to find a place for it. At the moment the only show we have for Music Videos is 120 Megabytes which is curated by Mark Brown. Please only send videos that make sense with that format, cool?
Q:I'm a writer and I wanna write for you! How do I do that?
A:That's great! We currently have a huge team of writers, so if you wanna join the gang then please email us and list your interests as well as some writing samples, umkay?
Q:I'm an avid fan and I watch everyday, I have a few ideas to share with you about how I think you can improve the site.
A:First of all, thank sou SO MUCH. Our viewers are literally the best people on the planet. If we could set up some sort of Silent Running scenario with all you we would! Ok, so you have a good idea, we LOVE good ideas! Email us about it!
Q:I'm experiencing a problem with the video or audio, how do I ...
A:...Hold on a second. First, are you on Explorer? If so you really need to upgrade/switch browsers. Ok, if that's not the issue, then PLEASE do send in your tech problem because if you have a problem then other people are too!
Q:I want to organize a Network Awesome Screening or event of some sort, how do I do that?
A:We want to make events all over the world, so we're always looking for partners to help make that happen! Just write us a mail and tell us what's up.