I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. - Groucho Marx


by Nicholas Shapiro
March 24, 2015
Before Sunrise, above all things considered, is a love letter. It’s a love letter addressed to those who keep romanticized ideals of that four letter word at heart’s length. It restores hope to the hopeless romantics who believe the golden age of love was but a half century ago. A modern love story for modern lovers, Before Sunrise is Richard Linklater’s intoxicating, dialogue-driven romance that transcends sentimentality in favor of something more believable, something with soul and something contemporary despite being released nearly 20 years ago...
My name is Nicholas Craig Shapiro, I'm 22 from New York, New York and I just graduated from SUNY Purchase. I'm currently a janitor/pool attendant/freelance writer/single woman trying really hard to keep busy for on the off chance that I'm not, I will get bored and explode into glitter. I maintain a twitter and that's about it https://twitter.com/glennfeathers

by Anthony Galli
March 23, 2015

Deep in the heart of darkness, or at least in some secluded lair in a Philippine jungle, mad scientist Dr. Gordon, with his blank faced and slightly daft but beautiful daughter Neva, is preparing a mutant race of “super-beings,” creatures genetically modified to survive the coming ecological apocalypse. He really believes this.

In the meantime, deadpan hotshot, and all around white guy, Matt Farrell is kidnapped while scuba diving in the pristine waters near Dr. Gordon’s hideaway. Apparently, Farrell’s DNA is of superior quality, and is just what the doctor needs to bring his plan of a man/animal (manimal, if you will) hybrid super-race to successful fruition. Naturally, hilarity ensues as Dr. Gordon, Matt Farrell, and Steinman, an ambiguously sexual one-named Neo-Nazi throwback with unreliable hair, match wits for dominance in this New Zoological Eden...

Anthony Galli currently lives in Athens, Georgia. He shares a birthday with his black cat, Magic, and they both claim Wings of Desire as their favorite film. Anthony has published two books of poetry, Amnesia for Insomniacs and Invisible Idiot.

by Kollin Holtz
March 21, 2015
Remember Dick and Jane books? Me either. They sound awful. “See Jane run. Run, Jane. Run!” Like that, but with every verb and noun you can think of. Yes, run. See if you can escape your own demise, for there’s nothing but literary wasteland on the pages around you. Dick and Jane books are from a generation before, for folks now in their 50’s and 60’s for when they were children. Never have I heard any of them utter a word of praise for the books, nor have they ever been remembered for their character arcs, plot lines or anything else you would choose to remember a book for. They were nothing more than a schoolroom utility used to teach children the basics of grammar and vocabulary, until Run Wrake came around, and made a short, animated morality tale with their cutouts called “Rabbit” in 2005. It garnered him many festival awards, as well as a BAFTA nomination...
Kollin Holtz is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker living in a closet under the stairs in San Francisco, CA. Check out his website,www.kollinholtz.com for updates on his shows, and his podcast “Closet Talk With Kollin Holtz.” You may also follow him on twitter @KollinHoltz if ya fancy.

by Anthony Galli
March 16, 2015
Iggy Pop’s 1977 tour de force Lust for Life begins with a striptease backbeat that dares you not to get up and shake it. The rhythm section of Hunt and Tony Sales bombard the dance floor with earthquakes of sound, while guitars, keyboards, and other percussive textures slowly infiltrate the mix. Finally, Iggy arrives and brings it all back home to William S. Burroughs: “Here comes Johnny Yen, again/with his liquor and drugs/and a flesh machine…” Lust for Life extracted the polite Motown beat from The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love” and reimagined it as the sound of speed freaks set on fire in an abandoned warehouse in West Berlin and everything turned up to 11.

If you can’t get your Swim, your Pony, or your Watusi on to Lust for Life…dude, something is wrong.

Iggy’s striptease comes from a different time than 1977, though. At the height of Punk Rock, where Iggy was seen as a sort of elder statesman due to his late 60’s early 70’s punk prototype freak-out band The Stooges, Iggy brought it all back to the trash and glamour of early 20th century burlesque theater. As an inexpensive form of entertainment, where one could enjoy an adult beverage or two, American burlesque made it okay to ogle female dancers on stage in various states of dress, teasing, seducing, and tantalizing audiences...

Anthony Galli currently lives in Athens, Georgia. He shares a birthday with his black cat, Magic, and they both claim Wings of Desire as their favorite film. Anthony has published two books of poetry, Amnesia for Insomniacs and Invisible Idiot.

by Nathaniel Ketcham
March 15, 2015

Bad Boy Bubby is a cult film staple. I would imagine many or most Network Awesome readers, being consumers with refined tastes, have seen it or at least heard about it (if you haven’t, I hope I am shaming you into watching it right now.) It is a film phenomena, a continuing cultural experience, much like Eraserhead or Reservoir Dogs or Pink Flamingos or El Topo: it’s been discussed and raved about over coffee in cafés; it’s on all the internet lists of “strangest” movies, “most disturbing” movies, or “great movies you may have missed,” and countless bloggers have waxed poetic attempting to express its ineffable qualities. What can I add?

I don’t know, but in trying to figure it out I found that, despite having already seen it, I knew less about Bad Boy Bubby than I thought. I’d missed some of the basics..

Nathan Ketcham is a near recluse currently hiding in Detroit, Michigan. He spends way too much time in front of the TV treating very trashy horror films very, very seriously. Until someone pays for his PhD in Media Studies/Cultural Criticism (feel free to recommend a program to him) or he overcomes his laziness long enough to finish a book length, scholarly analysis of art films that failed, you can find some of his less-than-serious horror film suggestions and impromptu writing at his annually expanding Halloween blog: https://30daysofhorror.wordpress.com.