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Das Racist's Kool A.D uses his phone for the power of goodness

by Network Awesome
Feb. 15, 2012

We get it - Das Racist are one of the most in demand music acts of the moment. They are flying all over the world and performing everywhere and playing events for Google and stuff, like I said, we get it. That makes the fact that they curated a Live Music Show for us so much more impressive - AND they even completed this interview! I mean, we were fans before we started, but now we'd prob take a bullet for these guys. 

As for the show itself – Duh, it's brilliant. Clips from all over the spectrum from a fledgling MGMT playing Talking Heads to "Miss Honey" to Herbie Hancock to Bizzy Bone performing "Don't Jesus Make You Feel Good" on the Maury Povich Show.  It's funny, smart, musical and most definitely interesting - just like Das Racist.  Somehow finding the time to answer a few questions Kool A.D. hit us back some zingers from his phone in route.

NA: One could look at these clips as a sort of self-portrait. If so, then what is your response to Bizzy Bone's "Don't Jesus make you feel good?"

KOOL A.D.: Jesus is just alright with me. The Doobie Brothers....

NA: These clips all come from really different sources and cultural backgrounds, well, just like yourselves. Can you tell us how a song like "Hoogie Boogie Land" addresses the plight of the drunk dude in society?

KOOL A.D.: This is an uplifting number about carving out a safe space.

NA: Do you fellas like watching TV?

KOOL A.D.: Yeah.

NA: The clips you choose showed an inclination towards performers that are technically impressive and show-offy.  How do you feel that sort of dedication manifests itself in your own music?

KOOL A.D.: We all "shred" in our own way.

NA: Seems like you guys are really into people who really push it with their performances - got any fantasy performances you'd like to do? Big spectacular shows or something like that?"

KOOL A.D.: I want to take the budget for the Spiderman musical in one dollar bills and drop it from the ceiling of a stadium onto 70,000 people.

NA: Lastly, I met Herbie Hancock a few years ago and he was totally cool and friendly and rad. Have you met any celebs that really surprised you with their over all coolness?

KOOL A.D.: Everyone's cool.

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