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Deep Into The Vista

by Jurgen Desmet
June 10, 2014
Ever heard music that comes straight from the heavens above? When listening to New Age master Iasos, you are wadeing yourself into some seriously intense paradise music. To say the least, his body of work is totally next level and visionary.

Iasos stands for positivity and radiates love that's unconditional. He puts so much emotion and sensitivity in his music your heart can almost not contain – that is, if you have a small heart. If you have a big heart– his music should/would/could enchant you and leave you in a higher state. Wild, you say? These wonderfully crafted musical landscapes of sound dimensions, that claim to be in direct communication with celestial beings of love and light, become gentle intentional frequencies, translated into a musical electrons. You are about to encountering some of the most purest musical vibes accompanied with some prolific and extremely colorful visualisations.

This documentary takes us to the early days of Iasos musical adventures. His compositions were in a technically different form from what he does today. Back then, with use of electric guitar and some effects, he created his sound field. While later in his career he progressed into more synthesizer-based compositions. Throughout, his sound seems to be layered in; planned and improvised structures, heavily inspired, if not guided by a his spiritual insight. Via those manifestations he sees to bring forward the ideas and radiations he want to project unto this world. Iasos coins and describes his music as "paradise music". This self-proclaimed theme is a direct insinuation that he wants us to understand he's communicating with beings from other levels, namely with celestial beings of love and light. He lets those sources guide him to his results, hence the paradise music, where Iasos becomes almost like the vessel or maybe even a servant or agent, for music being transmitted from other dimensions.

The question arises in how much this paradise music has an effect on the sub-conscious. Does it communicates, like it claims, with dimensions most of us are not aware of? All music works on emotions, but one thing we could perhaps rationalize is that sound communicates directly to your spirit (or to all the persons/spirits that are present at the moment of being exposed to music). Iasos can tell you his motives, in fact, Iasos could say all you want... In the end, it's up to you to decide how you are experiencing these musical vibrations. They stand for feeling good and that is, and always will be, one of the core essences of the art we call music.

If you want more contemporary footage and information on Iasos we strongly advice you to explore his website. There is no corporate business involved here. In all this time, since the days of this documentary, he has always stayed true to his vision and became a cult of his own.
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