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Like and Subscribe: a Q&A with alantutorial

by Jody Elphick
April 8, 2017

YouTube sensation alantutorial can teach you how to do almost anything, from draw a manga face to fill a tiny bin with dirt. Jody Elphick emailed him to find out more about the man behind the video camera.

NB Please note that this interview took place several months ago, before alantutorial's circumstances changed.

NAMag: Hi alantutorial. I suppose the logical place to start would be to ask about your breadth of expertise: your tutorials range from origami to make-up to computer hardware engineering. How have you acquired such broad knowledge and what made you decide to start creating tutorials?

hello. A tutorial is a kind of lesson that someone shows you. So i do tutorials and It's basically a simple way to learn something new fast. So I use youtube tutorials, it's easy and fun. It's a way to learn and teach. Thankyou

NAMag: Do you enjoy making them? Sometimes it seems like it might be fairly stressful. Do you see yourself as having any sort of mission, to teach people etc?

hello. Thankyou for asking about my youtube page. A tutorial can be a hard thing to do but it can also be FUN. I like fun and first thing you gotta do is teach people the tutorial. Tutorial can be anything you know how to do or maybe it's just a thing you have and want to show. Its important to always show not tell in tutorial. thankyou

NAMag: Which has been your favourite one to make so far? Do you watch other Youtube tutorials for inspiration, to see what works and what doesn't?

hello. Most fun tutorial I ever did is a tutorial on how to stop a crime. it's not a a youtube tutorial, its just a tutorial I did at home. If you do something important, it becomes your favorite thing. I like to watch a tutorial, and try and do it. If I can do it then I become proud of myself and thats fine. thankyou

NAMag: And have you had any interesting feedback from people who've tried your tutorials at home - any particular disasters or successes?

hello. People around the world love to try and do a Couscous Challenge. People like to comment and like and subscribe on my channel and learn about different challenges I do. The Couscous Challenge is my most popular challenge for people to attempt at home. It's not a hard challenge and I think people like to try and eat foods because anyone can do it. It's an easy and fun challenge and if you take a video of it and post it online, then it goes viral. If you eat a whole spoon everyone who sees it goes nuts and comments. thanksguys

NAMag: It certainly has had an overwhelming response. How does it feel to have all these people following your instructions - do you ever get uncomfortable with having that level of power and influence?

hello. I want everyone to do tutorials. People like and subscribe and do tutorials, and I think thats good. If everyone in the world did my tutorials I think it would be a good and more peaceful world. If people don't do the things I say, and don't listen to me, then I get so sad. I can't do everything okay. thankyou

NAMag: Do you get sad a lot?

hello. yes. thankyou

NAMag: What else makes you happy, besides making tutorials?

hello. aside from tutorial, I like to show people how to jailbreak digital wristwatch. First thing you need to do is get a small strip of metal to poke the hole. you gotta pop of the back lid to find the right whole. Then you poke the hole, you pop on lid, and boot up. Once you boot up you use the button to enter a jailbreak name and thats basically it. It makes me happy to show people how to do that because they don't know how yet. thankyou

NAMag: I'm wearing a digital wristwatch so I'm trying to give it a go but can't find how to pop off the lid? What sort of tutorials can people expect from you in the near future and what would be your dream subject to teach the world about?

hello. Just flip it on its side and use a figer nail to wedge the lid. all you need to do is push, not pry, and it will pop the lid! thanks. Like do a tutorial on how to make water shoes? Or how to watch plants. Maybe do a tutorial about how to clean off bad smells or do a dress-up tutorial. Maybe make a basket, how to make a basket our of scrap paper tutorial. All kinds of stuff, anything can be a tutorial. How to make a float-bubble? do a food tutorial. it's easy. I can do a teach tutorial! thankyou.

NAMag: I still can't get it off - my nails are weak but still it seems like strong nails wouldn't make a big difference. What do you think about people who make dinner tutorials, nail art tutorials, baking tutorials etc? Is there a hierarchy?

hello. use a wedghammer to shim the lid. it pops when it comes off. listen for the pop.

All tutorials are good. If you love something than you do a tutorial about it. How to paint an old nail tutorial is just as good as a how to crack a stone tutorials. tutorials are tutorials and people love them. thankyou

NAMag: Before we go, do you have any advice for people who are looking to improve their social media fanbase or start creating their own tutorials?

hello. Trying to improve your fanbase and create a social tutorial? It's easy. first thing you got to do is pick something you have in your room that can become a tutorial. Second thing is just say the steps it takes for that thing to be explained in the form of a lesson that you could explain to someone. explain the thing and last thing you gotta do is say like and subscribe and thankyou, then post what you said on youtube. thankyou

NAMag: Thanks very much alantutorial, it's been great to speak with you. Is there anything else you wanted to say before we sign off?

hello. like and subscribe and comment. thankyou

You can like, subscribe to and comment on alantutorial's videos at www.youtube.com/user/alantutorial and follow him @alantutorial.

Jody Elphick is an editor and writer who lives in London. Her hibernating blog is at www.guardiangirl.com and you can follow her on Twitter @theguardiangirl, although don't expect any tweets.