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Radio Soulwax: For your listening and viewing pleasure

by Lindsay Long
June 24, 2014

Radio Soulwax, the multimedia station, phone app, and brainchild of the brothers behind 2manydjs has been churning out mind-blowing mixes since its’ conception in 2011. Last month, they unveiled the 24th and final installment of the project, As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2, which revisitsthe 2002 mash-up classic that got this whole party started.

David and Stephen Dewaele-better known as 2manydjs and half of alt-electro outfit Soulwax, have teamed up with a group of innovative animators to conceive possibly the best hour a music lover or tripping kid could imagine. Painstakingly encoding some 50,000 records over the past two years results in a labor of love that is an audio-visual assault of the best kind! With comical, creative plays on the record covers and songs themselves, including some hilarious wig swapping, the broad genre-blending mix is a feast for the ears and eyes. No beat is skipped as every type of music from acid house and Italo-disco to Destiny’s Child is covered. It is obvious that these dudes know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to tunes. Fusing everything you love with some pretty obscure, rando tracks is awesome alone, but alongside the inventive visuals created it becomes a sensory overload that not only tests your mind and musical knowledge but will also expand it. Insane to imagine the 45 songs that compile the only *official release are just the ones they could obtain the rights to out of an originally requested 187 songs!

Hailing from Ghent, Belgium bros David n’ Stephen formed band Soulwax alongside bassist Stefaan Van Leuven and drummer Steve Slingeneyer in 1995. The release of Much Against Everyone’s Advice in 1998 first gained the group notoriety and they haven’t looked back since. Venturing down numerous avenues of musical and visual production, the mastermind brothers prove to be complex, creative madmen and true connoisseurs of music and pop culture as a whole. During a 2009 appearance on BBC Radio 1, they unleashed an impressive 420 song intros in 60 minutes. 2004’s release Any Minute Now spawned hits from the social commentary of ‘NY Excuse’ to the controversial drug addled and alphabetized video for ‘E Talking’. With a laundry list of remixes done for everyone from Arcade Fire and Pulp to Justice and LCD Soundsystem, its hard to believe these international playboys stay touring the globe providing a soundtrack to ‘the best night ever’ all whilst collaborating with other artists and animators, contributing movie scores, hosting TV shows, producing albums and songs for the likes of Peaches, and even appearing as an in-game radio station “Soulwax FM” on Grand Theft Auto V. And that’s not to mention the undercover work they’ve contributed in guises. Saam Farahmand followed these never-ending party starters to over 120 shows during 2007 and 2008 compiling a double feature titled Part of the Weekend Never Dies. Even their dedicated following is chronicled as seen in Soulwax Super Fan, Kevin. His devotion led him to the dream job of touring with the guys, acquiring admirers of his own along the way. And I must agree when he says “I never got the idea that they were in it for the money, and the fame, and the girls. They are just two guys who do it for the love of music.” And with a gig lined up August 3rd at the Hard Summer Music Festival in LA, it seems the party never stops…





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