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Solipsist's Andrew Huang Is A Skeptical Dreamer

by Network Awesome
March 26, 2013
You know when you see just one still from a video and you know that you're gonna totally love it and be inspired when you see it? Well that's just how we felt when we saw Andrew Huang's Solipsist a few weeks ago. And it's no surprise, since the LA-based filmmaker has been catching a lot of peoples attention by winning a host of film festivals and scoring fans like JJ Abrams. We're chuffed to have a quick chat with him about his new film and some of the themes and inspirations behind it.

Network Awesome: You made both the sound and images for Solipsist and they obviously go together perfectly. Which comes first? Do the ideas for each inspire the other?

Andrew Huang: A huge amount of my inspiration comes from music.  A lot of my visuals come about from listening to bands I like, then once I've created the visuals , they in turn inform the sound. So it is very much a feedback loop.

NA: There's a lot of tension in the film that extends beyond the norm such as the high tech effects vs. low-budget materials, the natural vs. synthetic,  the playful middle passage vs. the more dramatic finale. Can you tell us a bit more about what drives these divergent themes?

AH: I think the whole film is about tension between two polarities, so I think these many dualities naturally made their way into our process.  I also have an equal love for big budget spectacular effects as I do low-fi craftsmanship.  If the look started to sway too much in either direction, it felt off to me, so we tried to strike a middle ground with our visual choices.

NA: I bet you're a Jim Henson fan like we are, care to tell us how he's inspired you?

AH: Jim Henson inspired me to make movies in the first place.  I think the biggest thing I learned from him was the importance of the frame.  The only thing that matters is the image in the box.  Everything outside is irrelevant, and within that frame you can create an entire world simply by selecting and ordering what you choose to show.

NA: Looking up Solipsism on wiki, it says the philosophical idea is ultimately a skeptical one, are you a skeptic?

AH: I'm a skeptic that strives to be a dreamer :)

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