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Traci Lords: America's X-Rated Sweetheart

by Lindsay Long
Aug. 19, 2014

The tale of a beautiful young girl who rose to superstardom in the adult entertainment industry...long before she was even legal! Born Nora Louise Kuzma on May 7, 1984, she was raised alongside three sisters in the small-town of Steubenville, Ohio. A victim of a broken home with an allegedly abusive father, Nora and her siblings left the Midwest behind, following their mother and her new boyfriend to Redondo Beach, California. This move played a crucial role in the reinvention of a Midwestern gal to the most notorious teen porn queen of all time.

Taking a turn that sounds more like a plot to one of her films, Nora dropped out of highschool at fifteen and shacked up with her mother’s now ex-boyfriend. Assuming false identity, Nora and her ‘stepfather’ began approaching nude modeling agencies, landing a gig with Jim South at the World Modeling Agency. It was all a whirlwind from here as the voluptuous young vixen started posing for widely distributed adult magazines such as Fox and Hustler.

She was featured as the centerfold in the now infamous September 1984 issue of Penthouse that exposed Miss America Vanessa Williams and stripped her of the crown. Under her new name Traci Lords it wasn’t long before she began appearing in X-rated films, 1984’s Talk Dirty To Me being the first. She completed three more in ’84 and a speculated 100+ throughout the course of her underage career, including Those Young Girls, Passion Pit, Sweet Little Things, and New Wave Hookers. With a starting rate of $1000 a scene, Traci was as business savvy as she was sexually. She even established T.L.C. (Traci Lords Company) and produced her sole barely legal release, filmed in France, 1986’s Traci I Love You.

But shortly after her eighteenth birthday and three years of an explosive porn career, Traci’s true identity and age were revealed. The scandal blew everybody’s minds and cost the adult industry millions of dollars forcing the destruction of all material featuring the nymphet. Jim South, the agent who originally hired Traci as a model, along with several others were convicted of the sexual exploitation of a minor. Traci kept her pouty lips sealed throughout the investigation and re-emerged nearly unscathed. Any publicity can prove to be good publicity and for the notorious Traci Lords her career was far from over. 






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