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Kate Mossad on The New Wave Of British Metal

by Network Awesome
April 1, 2011

We got an email from this dude Carl Holmes sharing with us a film about the Hells Angels going on a vacation. We knew at once he was a person of interest and true to form he has now proven himself with this incredible collection of lesser known Uk metal! Even though his description of the show was great, we badgered him to find out more...

Network Awesome: Whoa, I didn't know most of these bands and I was live then. As you say in the intro text you wrote, it was a time of limited media outlets, but other forms of music made an impact in the same vacuum. Why did these Metal bands specifically never catch on?

Carl Holmes AKA Kate Mossad: A lot of the bands sold records, hence regular appearances on Top of the Pops. The reason it didn't receive much media coverage, I think, is that it was mainly happening outside of London and consisting mostly of lumpen, uninhibited, denim-clad youth (New Oxford American Dictionary example of 'lumpen'! BTW) it wasn't exactly 'sexy'. I suspect few journalists would have been keen to spend time on the road with Witchfinder General, Saxon et al.
NA:  Rock Goddess! Why weren't THEY famous??? They seemed to have everything + an awesomely low-budge video. In fac,t most of these bands seem to have a good gimmick. I mean that Saracen video even has boobies...

KM: 'Boobies' How old are you Beavis? 13? No wonder you're digging this stuff! Girlschool were kind of famous but 'Goddess (no idea if anyone ever really called them that) were more underground. However I remember Nick Cave choosing their Satisfied Then Crucified as the Melody Maker's single of the week because he could 'identify with the sentiments'.
NA: As the band Sampson shows us, drummers should clearly only be allowed to perform in a caged environment. Do you agree?

KM: Yes, definitely. What you see in the Sampson video is an early prototype of what we now call a 'drum machine'.

NA:If some of these acts loved Satan so much, why didn't he help them more?

KM: None of these bands loved Satan, they loved metal. I would never use Network Awesome to promote Satanism!!!
NA: Why do you think the English became so fascinated by the appeal of the Metal aesthetic?
KM: Like I say metal primarily appealed to areas of the country like the Midlands where heavy industry was still a key part of the economy. You could maybe draw a comparison with Detroit in the States and the guitar music that emerged there in the 1960s and '70s. If you're a young guy working in a shitty job all day perhaps Sade's not going to do it for you at the end of the day.
NA: When you were curating this did you feel sad or were you just engorged with the power of the dark lord?
KM: I wept bitter tears of sorrow and indeed continue to weep them now...

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