I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. - Groucho Marx

Welcome To The New Network Awesome

by Jason Forrest
June 27, 2017
Today we’re proud to re-launch Network Awesome and by doing so it marks a major achievement for us and potentially for you. Never before has TV been more integrated with our social networks, our on-demand time needs, and our sub-cultural inclinations. Our new site recommends content to you based on what you’re currently watching, and our archive allows for you to easily find what you want as well as stumble upon the unknown.  

But what is Network Awesome? We get that a lot. Simply put, it’s an online TV Network - but in an age where “TV”  has less and less relevance, Network Awesome is actually a whole lot more.  We are a place for you to learn, be entertained, explore, and get lost. We eat boredom for breakfast.

Network Awesome is a team of more than 130 people working to make your life a little better. We curate the vast resources of YouTube and present it to you linearly. There’s a person responsible for each show, so we guide you through our archive of over 3,500+ movies, documentaries, interviews, and videos.  Our content is beyond premium, focusing on entertainment, music, and culture with a knowing smirk.

Launched last year by a Laptop Rocker and a Neuroscientist, the site has already had more than 1,200,000 videos watched, with the average time on site for returning viewers hovering around 24 minutes!  

Network Awesome features 6 new shows a day (about 4-6 hours of video), so we’re always on. Our 25 Video Curators present content that we’re passionate about, so we’re dependable.  We feature unique specially curated events like the “Women of Punk Week” or the films of Jean-Luc Godard, so we’re interesting, and we publish feature length articles about our media every day, so we’re enlightening.

TV as a whole has changed and if we didn’t make Network Awesome someone else would. Broadcast TV isn’t gonna get any better. Network Awesome is something else. We’re free, global, present, challenging, and a lot of fun. We care about our media, but we care about you for being part of that shared culture.

Here's what’s new
- Redesigned Archive
 - All of our 3,500 shows are both easier to find and collected with similar shows
 - Search by category, subject, year, or anything else
 - 6 Categories: Movies, Doc, Live Music Show, Art, Trailer Trash, and Collections (of videos by theme)
 - Curated special events have pages in the archive for repeat viewing
 - Explore archive by theme (ie: meta tags)
 - 28 new Series pages for collected episodes and information

- Content is recommended across the site
- Network Awesome Magazine articles bundled with related video
- Entire site rebuilt with HTML 5
- New tools to view and share video
- New DISQUS comment section on all pages

Some stats:
- launched Jan 1, 2011 by Jason Forrest and Greg Sadetsky
- 1,120,000 videos watched
- 803,000 Page Views
- 433,000 Visitors
- Highest Average Time on Site for returning viewers: 26:31 (September)
- 31.33% of Visitors have returned to the site more than 50 times

Jason Forrest is CEO and Creative Director of Network Awesome. He's been an electronic musician for over 11 years and has traveled almost everywhere in the world.  He invented and developed the iOS app Star6 and aided in the development of both Buddha Machine apps. In addition to that he runs 2 record labels, Nightshifters and Cock Rock Disco - so he's a busy guy.  His new album "The Everything" was released in April 2010 on Staatsakt. Grab it here and Follow him on Facebook here and contact him via the Network Awesome About page!