Broadcast TV has changed for the worse and isn’t getting any better - we offer something different. Network Awesome mines the resources of YouTube to bring you treasures vast and plentiful, packaged and gift-wrapped in an easier-to-watch format.  Unlike regular TV, this will not melt your brain. Instead, it causes you to re-think what TV can and should offer you.


Network Awesome is a real TV network located online.  It’s free, it's not full of junk and it broadcasts new shows each day.  We also produce original content focusing on music, fitness, the internet, and culture - but that's coming soon.

Our archives are stand-alone repositories of media, available anytime and are, like, totally social so you can share it with your friends. Root around in there! You’ll be amazed at what you find.


Everyone talks about “curating” but few sites actually do it successfully. All of our videos are curated by a person, not an algorithm (in our opinion algorithm’s suck - they don't know what’s funny, interesting, over-looked or just plain cool). We curate everything from the clips that make up a show, to the shows themselves, to the days of the week.  We even curate special events like our Women of Punk Week, The Salute To Drugs, and The Films of Jean-Luc Godard.

The archive itself is a living thing. Videos go up and down and that’s fine with us. We only want to show videos that people want to share. If something goes down from YouTube it goes down from Network Awesome. We only embed videos that everyone can watch in the US, UK, Germany, and France. We do not claim any proprietary rights over any curated programming.
- Illustration by James Clapham

DROP US A LINE: info@NetworkAwesome.com



Network Awesome was conceived and designed by Jason Forrest (the Laptop-Rocker) and was made real with the aid of Greg Sadetsky (the Neuroscientist.) Network Awesome launched on January 1, 2011 and since then has expanded at an amazing rate, with more than 26,000+ individual curated videos and 3,500+ films, docs, video collections which have been watched more than 1,000,000 times.

Inspired by the legendary Z Channel Magazine, we launched Network Awesome Magazine in March 2011 edited by Ben Gray. Since then we’ve published more than 300 long-form articles, reviews, and heck, even poems about our content. We think of it as kind of a cultural studies journal - that is, we put a high priority on historical context as an interpretive tool. Especially when it comes to old, foreign and/or obscure media, we believe in research as a way of coming to understand it. For example, the film Fantastic Planet is wonderful, but it's much much richer if you know that it's a response to the Russian suppression of Czech reforms in the late 60s.

Network Awesome is run by a crew of dedicated video curators that include Cory Vielma, Markus Fiedler, Daniel Menche and Whitney Weiss. There are many, many, MANY more guest curators and members of the team such as Mark Brown, Joey Mansfield, Dave Taylor, Casey Raymond, Chris Belz, David Selden, and Andrea Perez. There's been plenty of people helping in many other capacities such as Alex Coggin and Rebecca Mark and of course there's the host of the Network Awesome Show himself - David Strauss. 

We also have an amazing Tumblr run by Isaac Hicks and Monty Cantsin which, basically, customizes each of our shows into animated gifs. It’s incredible!


So, you want to join the team huh?

Writers - Do you want to write about cool stuff?
 We're ALWAYS looking for more writers!
 hit us up at: Magazine@NetworkAwesome.com

Video Curators - Are you passionate about media? Got a show idea? Have a great clip you want to show us or something that fits in one of our existing show formats? Cool - send it in! We want to see it! If we dig it, we’ll write you back ASAP.

Video Production - Running a TV Network is like trying to feed a large elementary school every day -- its gotta eat! We are always looking for creative video producers, motion graphics animators, editors and just about anything else. Drop us an email with a link to your work and we’ll hit you back ASAP!

Interns - Yep, it's that time in your life when you're excited about the big world outside of University and you want to get out there and jump right into it. If you want to work at a super-cool start-up that's all about interesting stuff - here we are! Living in Berlin, Germany is a plus, but it's not that important. Drop us an email and we'll see how it works out


Want to advertise on Network Awesome? Go take a look at our Advertising page. That'll tell you all the different ways we can work together to make something truly amazing!


 We are currently building our investment team.  We're happy to send you our kick-ass business plan! Let's start a conversation.



Click to to Read artcile: "New Tube" Globe And Mail, Aug 22, 2012

"The retro-themed site is smartly organized. The curators post six shows a day, from films to TV episodes to collections of shorter videos arranged around themes such as video art made using green-screen techniques, or vintage hip-hop promos. There are also special sections devoted to the work of such auteurs as Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka or to visual artist Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle. The specials can run into days worth of footage and often come bundled with related articles from Network Awesome Magazine, a blog written by the site’s shockingly well-informed volunteers.