Clangers is a popular British stop-motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small blue planet (quite similar to, but not intended to be, the Moon). They speak in whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon. The programmes were originally broadcast by the BBC from 1969–1972.

The series was made by Smallfilms, the company set up by Oliver Postgate (writer and narrator) and Peter Firmin (modelmaker, animator and illustrator). Firmin designed the characters, and his wife knitted and 'dressed' the Clangers. Music – which was often part of the story – was by Vernon Elliott.

Clangers: The Tablecloth

The Clangers try various materials to keep some Froglets warm.

The Clangers: Music

Tiny Clanger discovers music.

The Clangers: The Intruder

A lunar exploration rover lands.

The Clangers: The Iron Chicken

The Clangers build some fireworks, one of which hits a passing Iron Chicken.

The Clangers: The Meeting

More hoots arrive, and seem upset that the first hoot has changed.

The Clangers: The Teapot

A teapot fished from space is less useful than the Clangers thought it would be.

The Clangers: Treasure

Tiny Clanger finds a bag of gold coins while fishing in space.