The French Chef

The French Chef - The Good Loaf

Learn to make bread from THE Julia Child.

Jan. 1, 1972
The French Chef - Apple Dessert

Whipping up an apple-based dessert with the inimitable Julia Child!

The French Chef - Cheese and Wine Party

Julia Child teaches you how to entertain using only cheese, wine, and small bites. Charming as fuck!

The French Chef - Queen of Sheba Cake

The phenomenal Julia Child teaches you how to whip up a delectable Queen of Sheba Cake, encourages you to drink champagne!

The French Chef - Bouef Bourguignon

Way-famous episode of "The French Chef" where Julia Child walks you through one of her best-known recipes!

The French Chef - Cake Le Prantome

More baked goods with Ms. Julia Child!

The French Chef - Cheese Souffle

Julia Child walks you through the creation process of an impeccable cheese souffle.

The French Chef - Croissants

Who doesn't like croissants?

The French Chef - Elegance with Eggs

Today on The French elegant approach to eggs!

The French Chef - French Bread

Learn to make French bread like a French master courtesy of the always-charming Julia Child.

The French Chef - French Fries

You're making French fries with Julia Child today on The French Chef!

The French Chef - Mousse au Chocolat

Julia Child shows you how to assemble an indulgent, delicious chocolate mousse.

The French Chef - Roast Suckling Pig

Julia Child teaches you how to roast your own damn suckling pig!

The French Chef - The Lobster Show

Julia Child charms you while wrangling a lobster, proving once again she's the coolest.

The French Chef - The Omlette Show

Julia Child devotes an entire episode to the art of the omelette. And it's time well spent.

The French Chef - The Whole Fish Story

Julia Child instructs you in the ways of fish-handling, gives you an engaging history lesson while she's at it.

The French Chef - To Roast A Chicken

Because maybe you need to learn to roast a chicken, and Julia Child should clearly be your guide.

The French Chef - To Stuff a Sausage

A crash course in stuffing your own damn sausages, courtesy of Julia Child.

The French Chef - Your Own French Onion Soup

Learn to whip up French Onion Soup from Julia Child while she regales you with details about the dish's history. Simply the best.