Otherworld is a short-lived American science fiction series that aired for only eight episodes from January 26 to March 16, 1985 on CBS. It was created by Roderick Taylor as a sort of Lost in Space on Earth. Taylor gave himself a cameo role in each episode.

In the first episode, the Sterling family (Hal, June, Trace, Gina, Smith) take a tour of the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza at the same time as a once-in-ten-thousand-years conjunction of the planets. Inside, they are abandoned by their guide, and as they try to get out, they are mysteriously transported to another planet which may or may not be in a parallel universe.

On this other planet, (called 'Thel') which is inhabited by humans, there are no familiar countries or states. The area they are in is divided up into self-contained "Zones," each with a wildly different style of government and way of life, although the province of "Imar" (ruled by a Praetor) appears to be the central seat of government for this entire Earth. Most of Thel's history is not revealed, although the pilot episode contains references to 'territories', android creators, and 'wars of unification'. It is thus unknown whether Thel is an alternate universe version of Earth, or another planet entirely.

Otherworld - 02 - The Zone Troopers Build Men

Low marks in school can lead to being drafted... for life... into the Zone Troopers.

Otherworld - 04 - Rock and Roll Suicide

In the Centrex province, Trace and Gina introduce rock 'n' roll music, and record songs written by the Beatles and other classic artists.

Otherworld - 01 - Rules Of Attraction

The Sterling family takes a tour of the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside, they are mysteriously transported to a parallel universe Earth.

Otherworld - 03 - Paradise Lost

One region of the planet of Thel exhibits the odd phenomena of Laser Storms that guard a luxurious resort.

Otherworld - 05 -Village of the Motorpigs

A raid by a camp of Thel-style hippies rescues the Sterlings from the zone troopers, but puts them at the mercy of the camp's leader.

Otherworld - 06 - I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

This episode features a province men are second-class citizens.

Otherworld - 07 - Mansion of the Beast

The Sterlings pass through lands claimed by a "beast" who lets them go only as long as June stays to be his companion.

Otherworld - 08 - Princess Metra

In the final episode, Gina is believed to be the long-lost princess Metra in a province where one of the royal household's icons is a 200-year-old John F. Kennedy half-dollar.