BEST OF 2013

Jan. 1, 2014

Collection - The Wisdom of David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth waxes philosophy and puts TV hosts into trance states!

Movie - Damnation Alley (1977)

Earth has been tilted off its axis by World War III, radiation has mutated insect life, and the planet is constantly wracked by massive storms that cover the entire hemisphere.

Off The Air - Light Extra

Dave Hughes & Cody DeMatteis of the brilliant show OFF THE AIR, curate an *exclusive* companion to the new episode LIGHT!

Live Music Show - NDW: German New Wave

A selection from the rich and varied New Wave scene of Germany in the early 80s!

Collection - 80s Look-Alike Contests

Prince! Morris Day! Tom Selleck! Boy George! Well, almost...

Talk Show - Zeena Schreck

Network Awesome is proud to present the first video interview with Zeena Schreck in 22 years!

Jan. 2, 2014

Doc - This England: Northern Soul (1977)

1977 TV program catches England's Northern Soul scene at its apex!

The Films of Felix Colgrave

Surreal, grotesque and totally hilarious animations by Felix Colgrave

Live Music Show - Curated by Suzi Quatro

A show curated by none other than rock-n-roll legend SUZI QUATRO as she celebrates 50 years in the music business!! Be sure to catch her one-woman show in London, London Sept 6,7,8 and 12,13,14th!

Collection - Melrose Place Deaths

A collection of deaths from Melrose Place!

Art - Mechanical Principles (Ralph Steiner, 1930)

Beautiful short film from 1930 showing the inner movements of mechanisms and gears. Hypnotic!

Doc - Buzzcocks & Magazine (1978)

B'dum B'dum! Tony Wilson (Factory Recs, Hacienda, Impressario) for Granada TV July 1978


Jan. 3, 2014

Collection - Hello, [insert tv market name]!!

so much for your 'unique' home town tv news channel...

Network Awesome at the TEENITUS Festival, DAY 1

Night 1 featuring Dirty Beaches, UV Glaze, Mouse On Mars!!!

Collection - Women of Psych Rock

These women put the far-out in psychedelic!!

Movie - The Young One (Luis Buñuel, 1960)

Buñuel's intense, last American film, and one of only a few of his works shot in English

Doc - Dirty Girls (1996)

Michael Lucid's documentary short (made when he was a senior in high school) chronicles the "weird" girls at his high school and people's reactions to them. Really great stuff.

Collection: XXX Porn Parodies

There are literally porn versions of EVERYTHING!