Cult Weekend

Oct. 5, 2013

The Luvvets: Change The World

Children's show produced by Family International (aka Children of God) for their younger members

Doc - Divine Truth and AJ Miller

Australian TV doc on the religious cult, Divine Truth and its leader AJ Miller, who claims to be Jesus

Doc - Man Alive: The Jesus Trip (1971)

1971 doc looking at the Christian splinter group Jesus People and the hard core and secretive Jesus cult, Children of God, later known as Family International

Art - Copy and Paste (2004)

Experimental film about human cloning includes an audio interview with the VP of Clonaid, the cloning company with ties to the Raëlian sect

Talk Show - Raël

Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon, better known as Raël, creator of the Raëlian Movement, speaks to various skeptical interviewers about his meeting with the alien race Elohim and his views in general

Collection - Heaven's Gate: Beyond Human (Complete)

All 14 and a half hours of Do's talk explaining what would happen when the Heaven's Gate members left Earth... Beware: brainwashing could occur if all episodes are viewed

Oct. 6, 2013

Movie - Ticket To Heaven (1981)

Creepy and spellbinding 80s Canadian drama about a young man who joins a cult

Movie - Split Image (1982)

1982 drama about a youth cult by the director of First Blood has a great cast including Peter Fonda, Karen Allen and Brian Dennehy

Collection - Unarius Academy of Science 3

Welcome Space Brothers! Another collection of clips by and about Uniarius!

Doc - Jonestown: The Life and Death of the People's Temple

The history of the People's Temple cult, run by Jim Jones, and their 1978 mass suicide

Doc - Waco, The Inside Story (1995)

1995 Frontline doc on the Government assault on the heavily armed Branch Davidian cult compound and their leader, David Koresh

Talk Show - Manson Girls

Interviews with some of the women of the Manson Family, Susan Atkins, Squeaky Fromme and Leslie van Houten