7 Days = 7 Drugs: Caffeine/Nicotine, Alcohol, Weed, Pills, Heroin, Cocaine, Psychedelics
A week long investigation into the illicit substances that drive our culture.

Sept. 19, 2011

Collection - Coffee

David Lynch coffee commercials, UK Coffee Bars and a risque look at French life

Cigarettes And Coffee by P.T. Anderson (1993)

PT Anderson's first film was made for $20,000 and connecting multiple story lines with a twenty-dollar bill.

Live Music Show - Coffee & Cigarettes

Two of humanity's favorite vices, together again!

Movie - Bright Leaf (1950)

A "lost" classic by Director Michael Curtiz. Loose chronicle of 19th-century tobacco farmer (Cooper) building successful cigarette empire, seeking revenge on old enemies and finding romance.


Sept. 20, 2011

Talk Show - Charles Bukowski

a detailed depiction of a certain taboo male fantasy: the uninhibited bachelor, slobby, anti-social, and utterly free

Collection - Alcohol Ads

Alcohol and Advertising are besties

Collection - Derek Waters presents: Drunk History

Hilarious series that features famous actors and actresses role-playing historic people and historic events, with a narrator who is seriously wasted while retelling the story.

Bill Cosby On Drinking

Are we having a goodtime?

Sept. 21, 2011

Doc - Kings of Cannabis (VICE)

Arjan Roskam's been breeding some of the most famous marijuana strains in the world—like White Widow, Super Silver Haze, and many others—for over 20 years.

Doc - Hooked: Marijuana

Hey hey, Mary J in the U. S. of A!

21 Jump St - Raising Marijuana

Penhall and Ioki go undercover as the "Swark Twins" to get in with teenage boys working for drug smugglers. Meanwhile, Hoffs becomes romantically involved with the head drug smuggler!

Cheech & Chong Live 1978

The notorious comedy duo known for their marijuana use live in 78

Sept. 22, 2011

Talk Show - Alexander Shulgin

Some words with the man credited with refining and popularizing ecstasy

Doc - Ecstasy Rising

Peter Jennings on the history of ecstasy, legit investigative journalist style.

Collection: Amazing PSAs

Drugs are bad but these PSA's are basically hilarious and/or weird.

120 Megabytes - Episode 4

videos from 808 State, Orbital, SL2, Atlantic Ocean, Sensorium, Stellar Om Source, & Light Freedom Party

The Trip Back Vs. Strangers With Candy

Strange after school special that became the inspiration for Strangers With Candy

Sept. 23, 2011

Live Music Show - Songs in the key of H

seen some angels lately?

Movie - Naked Lunch

Exterminate all rational thought.

Trailer Trash - Not that kind of Horse Trailer

Eight trailers 'injected' with fun!

Collection - Jim Carroll

A collection of music and spoken word by the former high school basketball star/prostitute/junkie turned musician/poet

Sept. 24, 2011

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

The Smurfs, Garfield, The Real Ghostbusters, The Muppet Babies, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight drugs - together.

Collection - Studio 54

A peek behind the velvet rope at New York's legendary nightclub Studio 54

NYC "Club Kids" on Donahue (1993)

the Club Kids around Michael Alig & James St. James appear on the obnoxious Phil Donahue's talkshow to talk about their life as a club kid while pretending not to use drugs. now there s a fun mix!

Live Music Show - White Line Fever

I have a mirror, a razor blade and a straw if anybody else wants to meet me in the bathroom with... well... you know

Sept. 25, 2011

Movie - The Trip (1967)

Paul Groves (Peter Fonda) takes his first dose of LSD while experiencing the heartbreak and ambivalence of divorce

Doc - Beyond Life with Timothy Leary

"the most dangerous man in America" (Richard Nixon)

Peter Whitehead - The Pink Floyd: London 66 67

Interstellar Overdrive with Syd Barrett in this psychedelic video-EP including footage from the legendary '14 hour Technicolor Dream' extravaganza in April '67 at Alexandra Palace

Talk Show - Albert Hoffman

Albert Hoffman, the person who discovered LSD, talks about his discovery and the experiences connected with it

Movie - The Tingler (1959)

Vincent Price stars in this 1959 classic about a doctor who tests the effects of LSD on mental patients as part of his research. It is the first depiction of LSD use in a major motion picture