Fashion Week presents an entire week of programming about fashion to coincide with London Fashion Week.

This five-day specially-curated event consists of the best documentaries, films, and video collections from all aspects of fashion’s representation in the media from the present and the past.

Our team of 35 video curators have selected and crafted unique collections of videos to complement well-selected documentaries on influential designers, compelling art shorts, and fashion-oriented feature films. Supplementing all this will be collections on everything from Punk Fashion to Alexander McQueen to Coco Chanel.

Sept. 14, 2012

Movie - The Comfort of Strangers (Paul Schrader, 1990)

A holiday to Venice leads to a strange encounter. Costume Design by Giorgio Armani

Doc - Boss Women: Anna Wintour

One of the world's most influential fashion magazine editors, Anna Wintour, gets followed around by the BBC for a doc on her life in and outside of the office.

Collection - Betsey Johnson 1980s Fashion Shows

The soundtracks! The neon! The innovation! A look at some of the best moments in the beginning of Betsey Johnson's career: her first fashion shows.

Collection - Vivienne Westwood

Fashion iconoclast Vivienne Westwood is largely responsible for bringing "punk fashion" to the mainstream

Live Music Show - Andrew Bannis of Fab Africa

British designer Andrew Bannis, who is currently living and working in Buenos Aires, presents some of his favorite songs!

Art - Martha Rosler Reads Vogue (1982)

Rosler deconstructs the messages in Vogue and its advertising

Sept. 15, 2012

Collection - Fashion of the 1920s

A look at the hottest clothes, hairstyles, undergarments and sunshades of the 1920s!

The Films Of Guy Bourdin

Cinematic work from French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin!

Doc - The Secret World of Haute Couture

Doc travels from New York to Paris to California to meet the designers and discuss how haute couture has changed over the years.

Collection: Dolce & Gabbana

Commercials and more from the men behind those blinding huge belt buckles.

Collection - #CatwalkFail

You know, those shoes are really tall and sometimes it's hard to walk...

Sept. 16, 2012

Talk Show - Valentino

The Italian legend speaks about his work + 2 sections of his most recent documentary

Doc - Vanished: Gia Carangi

Dramatic ABC special on 80s supermodel Gia Carangi serves as a reminder that anyone famous and troubled might want to choose better friends on their way up...and down.

Collection: Sunglasses

Protect your eyes - from these amazing clips!

Collection: Gia Coppola

Granddaughter of Francis Ford and niece of Sofia, she's making charming films too!

Inside Fashion: Bill Blass, 1983

1983 Bill Blass Interview

Sept. 17, 2012

Collection: Alexander McQueen

A colection of all things McQueen!

Collection - Leigh Bowery

A brilliant collection of interviews and performances by the late, great Leigh Bowery! Rejoice!

Collection: Fashion Oddities

Some good ideas just end up looking stupid

Collection - A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971)

Great, trippy, bloody Giallo film from Lucio Fulci features an outstanding soundtrack by Ennio Morricone

Collection - Isabella Blow

Flaboyant muse, collector, and fashion editor

Live Music Show - Kat George, Editor

Because it's fashion week, I thought I'd give this list a little fashion spin, and pick some of my favorite fashion related live music performances

Sept. 18, 2012

Doc - Yves Saint Laurent (1992)

10 years before the closure of Yves Saint Laurent haute couture - provides the look at the life and career of the legendary designer.

1984-85 Fashion

Interesting highschool interviews on fashion in the 80s

Collection - Vintage Jeans Commercials

Jean advertisements are always looking good

Art - The Tale Of A Fairy (Karl Lagerfeld, 2011)

Karl describes it as “a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling”.

Talk Show - Tavi Gevinson

Who's that girl? Fashion Wunderkind Tavi Gevinson!

Art - O moda, moda! (Oh Fashion, Fashion! 1968)

Russian Animation looking at the over-indulgence of extravagant fashion