Heavy Metal Week
Five days of Pure Heavy Metal! Nothing but the best of the best documentaries, live music shows, films, and video collections exploring the themes of the loudest musical genre.  Featuring documentaries on Iron Maiden, Slayer, Norwegian Black Metal and Ronnie James Dio to name just a few! As well as shows on Christian Black Metal, Japanese Metal in the 80s, pre-teen metal and much, much more!

Nov. 7, 2011

Live Music Show - 80s Metal Chicks

Tuff chixx in the 80s rock out with their, erm, cocks out! Well, so to speak.

Talk Show - Morton Downey Jr. Investigates Metal and Punk

Morton Downey Jr takes a hard-hitting look at metal and punk

Collection - Ronnie James Dio

Explore the long and interesting career of one of the most powerful voices in rock history

Doc - Iron Maiden: The Early Days

A look at the early days of Iron Maiden, one of the most popular bands in the world

The Muppet Show - Alice Cooper

Alice later reveals himself to be an agent of the Devil's, offering the Muppets "fabulous riches and worldwide fame" in a Faustian exchange for their souls.

Live Music Show – aQuarius Records SF

Andee Connors, one of two aQ OverlOrds guest curates with devil horns ablaze!

Nov. 8, 2011

Doc - Black Metal Satanica (2008)

2008 documentary looks at black metal and the origins of the associated belief system, dating back to the time of the vikings

Black Sabbath and the Birth of Heavy Metal - On The Road

The frontman for the Eagles of Death Metal goes on a spiritual quest for the roots of Black Sabbath.

Art - Heavy Metal Drummer (2005)

Extremely entertaining short film about a young man in Morocco who is dying to let his love for heavy metal free!

DOC: Grindcore - 85 Minutes of Brutal Heavy Metal

Big huge documentary from 1993 of bands at the top of their prime GRINDCORE bands!

Metalocalypse - Episode 01 - The Curse of Dethklok

The first episode of the Adult Swim series "Metalocalypse"

Nov. 9, 2011

Live Music Show - "J Metal" in the 80s

Hair metal may have gotten started on the Sunset Strip. But Japanese people did it harder. And weirder. And more Japanese. And maybe even more awesomely

Doc - Heavy Metal in Baghdad

An incredible look at Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda as they are followed by a film crew in the midst of the Iraq war

Collection: Gaahl of Gorgoroth

Gaahl from Gorgoroth talks about being a gay man in the black metal scene, among other things.

Doc - The Hear'n Aid Sessions (1985)

A look behind the scenes at the recording sessions for Hear'n Aid, the heavy metal charity record

Mutilator: Hero of the Wastelands

Totally X-treme student cartoon from the maker of "Celebrity Deathmatch" and "The Head."

Metal - 20/20 report

Barbara Walters and co look at the phenomenon of heavy metal music. Warning: lots of dramatic pauses and earnest tones.

Nov. 10, 2011

Live Music Show - Curated by Roscoe 2000 of KALX Berkeley

“I want my heavy metal, be it hard or hair. From here or there. I'll take it all."

Doc - Slayer

Great documentary on the band from 1988!

Geraldo: "Heavy Metal Moms"

The Moms of Joey Ramone and a bunch of other metalheads get lip from the audience.

120 METALbytes - Episode 11

videos from Trencher, Liturgy, Onmyo-Za, Dope Body, Sacred Reich, Holy Moses, & VOIVOD

Collection: Metal On The News

Heavy metal fear-mongering on the nightly news!

Nov. 11, 2011

Movie - Trick Or Treat (1986)

What are you afraid of? It's only rock and roll...

Doc - Light in Darkness Nemesis Divina: Christian Black Metal (2008)

A look at the origins of the "Unblack Metal" movement

Doc - Once Upon a Time in Norway (2007)

A look at the early days of the Norwegian black metal scene, in particular, the crimes, violence and death associated with it

How To Break Into Heavy Metal (without getting screwed)

Your essential guide to surviving the business side of metal! (circa the 1980s)

Trailer Trash - Metäl Mövies

These movies Rock and Roll all night, and part of every day.

Live Music Show - 80s Metal Chicks

Tuff chixx in the 80s rock out with their, erm, cocks out! Well, so to speak.