Re-User Weekend

Dec. 21, 2013

Madame Chao: "Hulk on Crack"

"This is KDK-12 calling KDK-1, over"

Fri, Oct 20
Doc - Bruce Conner: The Godfather of Music Videos

R.I.P. Bruce Conner (1933-2008), the maker of Devo's "Mongoloid" video.

Tue, Oct 1
Collection - Cinema Begat Cinema

A collection of 20 short foundfootage films spanning from 1936 to 2012

Collection - Cassetteboy

Hilarious video cutups by the infamous duo.

Movie - Sonic Outlaws (1995)

A vivid nonlinear collage history of re-users, from Dada to Negativland!

Art - Panorama Ephemera (2004)

Archival sequences construct an American history filled with horror and hope.


Dec. 22, 2013

Doc - Designing Video Installations with Douglas Gordon (Vice)

Douglas Gordon (of "24 Hour Psycho" Fame) sits down with Vice TV

Tue, Jan 15
Collection - From Scratch to Mash

Highlights from the 'Scratch Video' era, alongside classic 'EBN' and more!

MST3K: "The Beatniks" (Episode 0415)

The crew takes in some Beat-sploitation in this Season 4 classic.

Movie - Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (1973)

The Situationist answer to Woody Allen's "What's Up Tigerlily."

Collection - Bits & Bobs!

supercuts, overdubs, tv carnage, cartoon cutups + other ridiculousness...

Collection: Negativland

Interviews, lectures, videos and news footage from the pioneering media-band